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Video Emerges Of Rape Accuser Attacking Neymar



Video Emerges Of Rape Accuser Attacking Neymar

Video Emerges Of Rape Accuser Attacking Neymar

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The woman who accused Brazilian soccer legend Neymar of rape can be seen on video attacking the star while in a Parisian hotel room.

The 45-second video has gone viral on social media and shows Neymar defending himself as his rape accuser hits him. The video was recorded a day after the alleged rape. The video was reported to have been recorded in secret by the woman in hopes of getting Neymar to retaliate.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Neymar can be heard saying as the girl climbs on him and tried to hit him numerous times.

The woman then gets up and hits him twice while throwing an object at him.

“You know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why?” the girls says, “because you assaulted me  you stems from the alleged attack yesterday and you left me here alone.”

The video stems from the alleged rape attack, where a woman claims that she agreed to have sex with Neymar after corresponding with him on Instagram. She then arranged to meet him at the Sofitel Paris Arc du Triomphe, where he apparently “turned aggressive” after she told him that they couldn’t have sex without a condom.

According to Brazilian station SBT, the woman said, “I was the victim of rape.” She has been described as a model and student.

Neymar has denied all the accusations and his father has vowed to release the WhatsApp messages between his son and the accuser in hopes of shutting down her claims.

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