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Video Shows Parents Brawl During Little League Game



Video Shows Parents Brawl During Little League Game

Video Shows Parents Brawl During Little League Game 

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A little league game in Lakewood, Colorado turned violent as 15-20 parents broke out into a fight!

According to The police report, the fight ensued after a parent became upset about calls being made by a 13-year-old umpire.

Video from the scene shows parents taking to the field, fighting each another and throwing punches. Their young children were witness to the entire ordeal.

“I think the saddest part in all of this is we’re talking about a 7-year-old baseball game,” police spokesman John Romero told KDVR. “I think it’s the parents who have to grow up.”

In addition, Police state that four people have been cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public. There were also numerous reports of injuries, fortunately no kids were involved.

Authorities are particularly interested in identifying a man seen on the video in a white shirt and teal shorts as he reportedly sucker-punched another man and could face assault charges.

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