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Video Shows Police Officer Slapping Hospital Patient

U.S Attorney's Office/ screenshot


Video Shows Police Officer Slapping Hospital Patient

Video Shows Paterson Officer Slapping Hospital Patient

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Two videos have been released by the U.S attorney’s office that shows two Paterson, New Jersey police Officers beating a patient at St. Joseph’s Regional Hospital while he is laying on his bed.

In the video that was recorded by Officer Roger Then, the patient can be seen lying in his hospital bed and tells the officer to “do it,” “do it” before Officer Ruben McAusland slaps the man so hard that blood flies across the video. The Officer was on active duty at the time of the incident.

Apparently, the incident ensued after the two officers responded to a suicidal patient who threw an object down the hall and insulted them.

The officer then stood over and said, “I ain’t f****** playing with you.”

McAusland was sentenced on Wednesday to over five years in prison for drug dealing and assaulting the hospital patient.

The man who was being attacked has been identified as Andrew Casciano. He has also filed a $4 million lawsuit against the city for the incident.

Police officer Roger Then who apparently recorded assault has also pleaded guilty.

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