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Video Shows Steph Curry’s Mother Being Cursed At By Raptors Fan

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Video Shows Steph Curry’s Mother Being Cursed At By Raptors Fan

Video Shows Steph Curry’s Mother Being Cursed At By Raptors Fan

Just recently, a basketball fan was arrested for making disrespectful comments about Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry during a live broadcast following a game between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors.

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Now, new footage has surfaced of fans giving Steph Curry’s mother the same treatment and it’s not sitting well with a lot of people. In the clip by 6ixBuzzTV, you can see fans hacking, with one screaming “F–k you!” multiple times at Curry’s mother, Sonya who then yelled something inaudible back at the crowd.

Apparently, Raptors fans were so upset over the Game 5 loss, but it still doesn’t make it right. Many basketball fans with some type of heart agreed that this was uncalled for. The Daily Caller quoted one fan saying,

“Whoever was heckling and swearing at Steph Curry’s mother, I hope you fall face first into a hornet’s nest. Immediately. Another said, “This is sad!! We gotta do better as a city. This goes beyond basketball.”

Raptors fans have also been called out for cheering when Kevin Durant went down with an injury. Draymond Green even spoke out against the fans and said,

“That’s crazy. That’s classless. For me I’ve always witnessed Canadians be the nicest people I’ve ever encountered and that was classless.” DeMarcus Cousins added, “Trash. So trash. Like I said, we’re only idolized as superstar athletes. Not human beings.”

Socialites, what are your thoughts on this? Sound off in the comment box below!

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