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Virginia Beach Gunman Resigned Hours Before Shooting

Alyssa Andrews


Virginia Beach Gunman Resigned Hours Before Shooting

Virginia Beach Gunman Resigned Hours Before Shooting

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Virginia beach mass shooter De­Wayne Craddock sent a letter of resignation from his job as an engineer for the city of Virginia Beach just hours before shooting 13 people dead.

“He notified his chain of command that morning,” City Manager Dave Hansen revealed. “My understanding is he did that via email.”

Hansen said that they are “determining where that letter is.” He adds that Craddock, 40, had not been fired and was considered “satisfactory” as he was “in good standing in his department,” and “there were no issues of discipline ongoing.”

Police Chief James A. Cervera states that Craddock’s motive for the shooting is still unclear.

As we reported, shots were fired around 4 p.m.  on Friday after Craddock arrived to Building 2 where he shot a contractor in the parking lot. He then killed a woman who was on her way out before entering the second floor and shooting randomly.

CNN reports that one unidentifued co-worker described Craddock as “a nice guy” and “not a monster.” He reveals that he gifted boxes of candy to staff members at Christmas.

During Friday’s shooting the same co-worker barricaded himself in an office with others.

Craddock left 12 dead and many others injured.

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