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Wade Robson’s 2016 Deposition Video Exposes ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’



Wade Robson’s 2016 Deposition Video Exposes ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’

Wade Robson’s 2016 Deposition Video Exposes ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’

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Newly released footage from Wade Robson’s 2016 deposition video in his case against Michael Jackson  has brought to light the inconsistencies in his accusations against the late pop legend and the damning “Leaving Neverland” documentary.

The video has been posted online with the title, “Lies of Leaving Neverland,”which shuts down the accusations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the documentary.

The video says that “Leaving Neverland” is riddled with “provable lies, conflicting accounts, contradictions, staged reshoots, faked scenes, reconstructed memories, critical information omissions, manipulated news clips, discredited source material” and that “key motives” are ignored.

One of the main inconsistencies focuses on Safechuck’s story that he was molested in the train station at MJ’s Neverland Ranch I n 1988-89. However, the blueprints for the train station note they were not built until years later.

In addition, the video points out flaws in Wade Robson and his mother’s depositions in the documentary where Robson says while his family went on vacation to The Grand Canyon, he was abused by Jackson. However, in the deposition video, his mother says that her whole family was on the trip.

There are numerous other moments in the documentary that contradict the claims made by Robson, including they fact that the Jackson family were never interviewed.

Check out the video via THE BLAST below!

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