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Washington Planning To Become First State To Allow ‘Human Composting’

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Washington Planning To Become First State To Allow ‘Human Composting’

Washington Planning To Become First State To Allow ‘Human Composting’

According to The New York Post, Washington is currently working on becoming the first state to allow the environmentally friendly practice of “human composting” — which turns dead bodies into soil.

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So how will this work? Well, a person’s remains will be transformed into two wheelbarrows full of soil in just four to seven weeks. The state legislature passed a bill that would legalize the burial alternative, also known as “natural organic reduction.” A spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee sees the ideas as a “thoughtful effort to soften our footprint” on the Earth.

“It is sort of astonishing that you have this completely universal human experience — we’re all going to die — and here’s an area where technology has done nothing for us,” said Democratic state Sen. Jamie Pedersen of Seattle, who sponsored the measure. “We have the two means of disposing of human bodies that we’ve had for thousands of years, burying and burning. It just seems like an area that is ripe for having technology help give us some better options than we have used.”

The new law is expected to take effect on May, 1, 2020, if signed by the governor. As of right now, it is not clear how much the process would cost. However, Washington State Funeral Directors Association said it will be an exciting time because they will “be able to provide more options for people’s choices is a very exciting thing.”

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