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Watch Rocketman Online Free Directors by Dexter Fletcher


Watch Rocketman Online Free Directors by Dexter Fletcher

“Rocketman,” the new film about Elton Free John from Paramount Pictures Online, is a wild, fun ride. Watch Rocketman Online 2019 With Full Sir Elton himself as one of the executive producers, the movie is full of color, and, of course, great music.

At times, it seems like a true biographical examination of the life of the rock and pop superstar who was born Reginald Dwight in London in the late 1940’s.


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But, at other times, when the tempo of the piece picks up, and the special effects come flying at you, you’re not sure how to take this movie.

All in all, though, I would recommend “Rocketman,” especially if you’re a fan of Elton John’s music, or grew up, like I did, when his songs seemed part of the very culture of the United States.Are you going to get a peek into Elton John’s soul? No, far from it. What the movie is is an entertaining glimpse into one more rock musician’s battle with drink, drugs, sex and stardom.

For me, the first part of “Rocketman” is the strongest part. We see young Reggie in his average-looking, brown-toned London flat, trying to make the best of life with his cold mother, his uncaring father, and his grandmother, whose love for him seems to pour out of her eyes and smile every time she sees him.

Then one day Reg approaches the family piano. He presses down one key. Then two. Soon he is perfectly copying the song that’s playing on the family radio, and the movie, and Reg’s life, take off.

Soon we realize that the actors playing these parts are also singers, and dancers, because when you least expect it, the characters start singing – usually a well-known Elton John song that is used to advance the story. This strategy will be used throughout the film, to greater and lesser success.

But for me, in the early parts of the film, this was especially thrilling.

It seemed that the special effects were used more sparingly in the first part of the movie. This allowed more reach for the audience into who Reg was, and what was going on in the life of this young musical prodigy.

Jamie Bell, as Bernie Taupin, and Taron Egerton, as Elton John
Jamie Bell, as Bernie Taupin, and Taron Egerton, as Elton John

For example, perhaps my favorite sequence in the film is early on, when Reg is probably near 20 or so. His new lyricist partner, Bernie Taupin, has just dropped off the words to a song called “Your Song.” Filmed in a conventional manner, we see Reg sit down at the family piano, and put his hands on the keys. Before you know it, we’re hearing those magic chords and melodic lines.

The scene sent chills through this reviewer.

Later in the film, when Reg/Elton’s career takes off, so do the special effects. These can be visually thrilling, but it’s sometimes hard to get past the flashy surfaces, and see who the real Elton John was, and is.

“Elton John” was, of course, the stage name Reg took near the start of his musical career.

Though “Rocketman” does not fully succeed, it takes a lot of risks, which sometimes work, and sometimes do not work. But the film shows the healthy, risk-taking, creative state of American musical cinema in 2019.

I saw “Rocketman” at a matinee screening on Saturday afternoon, June 1, at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N. Clark St., Chicago. Following the screening, I spoke with Scott Garing, 30, about his thoughts and reactions regarding the film.

“I enjoyed it,” Garing said. “I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to.”

Garing, who lives in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood and works for a law firm, talked about the movie’s music.

“I wondered what route they were going to go with the music,” he said, “the way of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ working it in realistically, or the more traditional movie musical route.

“I enjoyed that they went with the traditional musical route.”

Garing, an affable young man who had seen the film with a friend, said of the actor who played Elton John, Taron Egerton, “I thought he did great. And I thought he sounded great.”

Egerton is a 29-year old English actor and singer, who sang all of John’s music in the film.

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