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“What Are Those” Meme Creator Accidentally OD’d On Drugs

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“What Are Those” Meme Creator Accidentally OD’d On Drugs

“What Are Those” Meme Creator Accidentally OD’d On Drugs

Three month ago we shared the devastating news that the man who created the viral “what are those” meme sadly passed away. At the time it was only shared that his heart had randomly stopped and it was mystery how that happened.

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According to new reports, Brandon Moore died after a night of ingesting a bunch of drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy. The Contra Costa County Coroner’s report stated the exact cause of death was polypharmacy—meaning he died as a result of ingesting multiple drugs. The coroner says Moore’s blood tested positive for cocaine, morphine, codeine, methamphetamines and ecstasy, TMZ reports.

What’s even more shocking is that Moore’s wife, Noonie, revealed to authorities that he drank and possibly ingested cocaine the night before he was found dead. Apparently, there is no evidence to suggest Moore ingested the drugs with the intent to harm himself so his death was listed as an accidental overdose.

Moore rocked the Internet after he shared his video in 2015 mocking a police officer’s shoes as a joke. His friend was being arrested at the time and Brandon joked about the cop’s funny-looking boots, saying, “What are those?”

The meme exploded every where and the catchphrase even appeared in “Black Panther.” Over celebrities have used phrase as well.

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