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Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Town



Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Town

The Turkeys are taking over! A New Jersey town is under attack by Turkeys who have broken windows, scratched cars and more!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, but these wild turkeys are not here to be on your plate, instead they would rather terrorize your neighborhood.

New Jersey residents say that a slew of wild turkeys have taken to the streets in a 55 and over community!

News 12 says that the birds in the Holiday City area of Ocean County have reportedly been breaking windows, causing traffic by blocking roads, “pecking at cars and behaving aggressively.”

“Sometimes I can’t get out of my car. They go to attack you” one resident said.

With the wild animals terrorizing this small neighborhood, residents have reached out to local animal control to take care of the situation. However, they let the residents know that wild animals are out of their jurisdiction referring them to the state’s Fish and Wildlife officials who have been notified of the situation and are reportedly working on a solution, per CBS3.

MLB all-star Todd Frazier is a resident of the community taking to his Twitter account to share the birds surrounding his car saying;

the turkeys “have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard and much more.”

These animals can reportedly grow to be 25 lbs. and can reach running speeds of 20 mph, so they can be terrifying to just about anyone.

“We need speed bumps and instead of speed bumps, we got turkeys,” resident Richard Flecker told CBS3 about how the animals are helping to control traffic.

Take a look at the animals below!


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