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Wisconsin Man Who Clogged 30 Toilets Sentenced To 150 Days In Jail

Gary C. Klein/USA


Wisconsin Man Who Clogged 30 Toilets Sentenced To 150 Days In Jail

A man who decided it was a good idea to clog 30 toilets will now be spending more than 30 days in jail!

Wisconsin resident Patrick Beeman had a pretty gross habit that landed him in the slammer for 150 days.

Authorities say that Beeman is being charged with thirteen counts of criminal damage to property for clogging toilets around the state.

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As nasty as it sounds, he is not doing this with human feces, he is intentionally placing plastic water bottles in toilets causing them to be stopped up.

When he came face to face with authorities, he told them that he has a natural instinct to clog every toilet he encounters hoping they would let him off easy.

However, that was far from the case as the judge sentenced him to serve 30 days for each count he was handed down.

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While authorities were trying to locate Beeman, they sent out a mass statement letting residents know about his nasty habit saying;

“Why do this? I do not know but if you help us find the person I will tell you. This is very strange…and gross, but that is the reality of life.”

As of now, there has been no word on if Beeman has continued this habit by clogging the jail toilets.

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