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Woman Accused of Serving Lover’s Remains At Barbecue


Woman Accused of Serving Lover’s Remains At Barbecue

A woman in Indiana is accused of feeding her lover’s remains to guests at her barbecue.

34-year-old Kelly M. Cochran is accused of injecting her husband with a lethal dose of heroin before smothering him with a pillow. However, she also may be responsible for nine other deaths and serving her lover’s remains to unsuspecting neighbors at a barbecue.

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Cochran was sentenced to 65 years in prison last month after she admitted to killing her husband, Jason Cochran. She was already in the process of serving a life sentence for killing and dismembering her former lover, Chris Regan, who disappeared in 2014.

The upcoming documentary “Dead North” will air on May 28 and May 29  and investigates the other possible murders that Cochran is accused of. Her own family members told investigators that she may have killed as many as nine people and buried their bodies throughout the Midwest. The family also accuses her of feeding them remains of one lover at a barbecue. 

Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo investigated Regan’s disappearance and learned Cochran was having an affair with him prior to her husband’s death in February 2016. Frizzo became suspicious after Cochran said her husband died of a suspected overdose before it was revealed that was murdered by her.

Cochran later admitted that she and her husband lured Regan inside their home, shot him to death and dismembered his body before dumping his remains into the woods. However, Cochran said she was angry at her husband and killed him as revenge for murdering Regan, according to court documents.

Cochran was sentenced to life in prison in May 2017 for Regan’s murder and sentenced on April 18 for her husband’s murder.

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Take a look at Cochran’s mugshot and former life below. 

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