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Woman Almost Dies After Injecting Fruit Juices Into Her Body


Woman Almost Dies After Injecting Fruit Juices Into Her Body

A woman from the Hunan province in China suffered from multiple organ failure after she injected 20 different types of fruit juice into her bloodstream last month.

According to Oddity Central, 51-year-old Zeng wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and became obsessed with different types of diets. She decided to inject 20 different types of fruit into her vein by using an IV drip on February 20. Days after conducting the “healthy experiment”, Zeng started to experience symptoms such as itchiness and increased body tempurature but she ignored them. Her husband noticed that she was in distress after using the drip and rushed her to the Guiyang County Hospital in Chenzhou.

Zeng was transferred to another hospital after doctors realized the severity of her condition. They stated she suffered from an infection and damage to her kidneys, heart, and liver.

“I had thought fresh fruits were very nutritious and it would not do me harm by injecting them into my body, I had no idea that would get me into such trouble.”

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Doctors immediately placed Zeng on dialysis to help clean her blood from the infection and gave her antibiotics. They also injected her with clotting agents to speed up the recovery process. Thankfully, Zeng’s condition improved within five days after her diagnosis.

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Dr.Liu Jianxiu said during an interview that injecting fruit juice into the bloodstream can lead to kidney and liver damage and in some cases, death.


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