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Woman Pretends To Have Cancer And Scammed $10K From Co-Workers

Fox News


Woman Pretends To Have Cancer And Scammed $10K From Co-Workers

A Kentucky woman was arrested after she pretended to have cancer and scammed thousands of dollars from her co-workers and strangers.

FOX News reports Jessica Marie Krecskay,25, was arrested on February 14 after she allegedly pretended to have ovarian cancer and told her co-workers that the disease spread all over her body. Krecskay collected over $10,000 from her co-workers and sympathizers from 2013 to 2017 and some of her friends would clean her house. One of her co-workers, Jessica Lunsford, said her fellow employees would give their vacation time due to her “illness.”

“The other girls at work would clean her house for her, take her out to eat all the time. Gave their own sick time and vacation time hours to go towards her.”

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Police began to investigate Krecskay after people suspected that she was pretending to have cancer as told by attorney Rob Sanders.

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“Publicity from another fake cancer case prompted those same people to report their suspicions about this defendant to police. Anytime someone uses a false claim of such a dreaded disease for fraudulent purposes, it evokes understandably angry and emotional responses from the many people who actually battle cancer or love someone battling cancer,”

Krecskay is scheduled for a March 4 court date and if convicted she faces a jail sentence of ten years.

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