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Woman Arrested After Giving Her Boyfriend Drain Cleaner To Help Him “Sleep”

Elle Weismann/Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office


Woman Arrested After Giving Her Boyfriend Drain Cleaner To Help Him “Sleep”

A Utah woman was arrested over the weekend after she confessed to giving her boyfriend drain cleaner to “put him to sleep permanently”

CNN reports Elle Weismann, 43, gave her boyfriend Drano while he was drowsy after taking sedatives and told the 50-year-old victim that she was giving him his medication. Moments after giving him the dangerous chemical, she took him an urgent care clinic and told the staff what she did. Police were immediately called after she made the confession.

South Salt Lake officials reported that the victim is in stable condition and has remained in the hospital as of Thursday. Weismann told police that she gave her boyfriend the drain cleaner to help him with his “eternal sleep.”

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Weismann was taken into police custody and charged with attempted murder and surreptitious administering of a certain substance. She is currently being held at the Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center. Her bond was set for $100,000.

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Press play to learn more about the case in the video below.



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