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Woman Arrested For Turning In Her Estranged Husband’s Gun

Fox News


Woman Arrested For Turning In Her Estranged Husband’s Gun

A Florida woman was arrested last Saturday after turning in her estranged husband’s firearms to the police.

According to Fox News, Courtney Irby,32, was charged with one count of armed burglary after she entered her estranged husband’s home, retrieved his firearms and turned it over to the Lakeland Police Department. Her husband, Joseph Irby, was arrested for a domestic battery charge the day before.

After their divorce hearing on June 14, Joseph attempted to run Courtney off of the road by rear-ending her vehicle while she was on the phone with police.

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Courtney told an officer that she was turning the weapons since she knew her estranged husband was not going to do it himself.

“I did not even know where the guns were located. I had to search around the apartment for them, so I could bring them to you,”

But the officer said to her: So, are you telling me you committed an armed burglary?”

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Lakeland Police contacted Joshua at the Polk County Jail, asking if he wanted to press charges against his wife. He agreed and Courtney was arrested and charged with armed burglary.

Courtney’s arrest has prompted public outrage due to how the officers handled the situation.

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