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Woman Arrested For Using Her Friend’s Badge And Gun To Get Free Snacks

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Woman Arrested For Using Her Friend’s Badge And Gun To Get Free Snacks

An Air Force veteran was arrested after she used her friend’s badge and gun to get free snacks from a convenience store in Georgia.

According to the Daily Mail. Pektra LaQuiche Edgerton,33, was arrested last week after she used her friend’s probation officer badge and gun to get free snacks from a local QuikTrip on Satellite Blvd and Merchants Way. On August 21, Gwinnett County Police Officer J.T. Smith noticed Edgerton inside of the store when she used the gun and badge and immediately thought her actions were suspicious. Smith reported that she was holding a Glock 19 in a Serpa holster and avoided eye contact with him.

Shortly after, Edgerton left in her car but was pulled over by Smith and he said in the police report that he stopped her for having a broken brake light. She was still wearing the badge when Smith told her to stop the vehicle and accused him of targeting her because of her race in bodycam footage.

 ‘So a black person walks into a store with a badge and a gun and it’s an issue’

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Edgerton tells Smith she’s not a police officer but continued to tell him that she’s an officer for the Department of Community Supervision. Smith searched for her name in the DCAS system and said she could not be found. Eventually, Edgerton confessed to using her passenger, Brandi Green, gun and badge. The action leads to Green being temporarily suspended from her job.

‘Upon being made aware of Ms. Green’s conduct, an internal investigation was initiated and Ms. Green was immediately suspended After Ms. Green was made aware of the forthcoming investigation, she resigned … on the same day,’

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Edgerton was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. She was released on a bond of $4,146.

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