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Woman Bitten In The Face By 200-Pound Bullmastiff Dog After She Tried To Kiss It


Woman Bitten In The Face By 200-Pound Bullmastiff Dog After She Tried To Kiss It

A Florida woman was bitten in the face while attempting to kiss a rescued Bullmastiff dog earlier this week.

The New York Daily News reports Justin Norman and Andrea Swartwood were returning home from a local bar in Brooksville and noticed their dog was really aggressive. The pair rescued the dog from Floral City a few days before the incident. Its previous foster owners, Tiffani and Taylor Evans, said the dog never showed any aggression before.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the dog bit Swartwood on the face after she attempted to kiss it:

“For unknown reasons, Swartwood approached the dog and leaned down in an attempt to kiss the dog on the face. This resulted in the dog biting Swartwood on the face, specifically on her left cheek and lip area.”

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Her partner tried to interfere, but the dog had bitten his left hand. The duo managed to get the dog’s attention and lured it into their bedroom then called police. Swartwood was transported to a local hospital after the Hernando County Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene.

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She was transported to a trauma center so a plastic surgeon could treat her injuries. Authorities sent the dog to Hernando County Animal Services since the couple could no longer “take care of it.”

Press play to learn more about a similar case in the video clip below.


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