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Woman Breaks Into Home To Wash Dishes Then leaves



Woman Breaks Into Home To Wash Dishes Then leaves

Woman Breaks Into Home To Wash dishes Then leaves

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An Ohio woman was arrested after she broke into a home, petted the dog and washed the dishes before leaving!

ABC News reports that Vinton County Sheriff’s Office said that they received a call about a break in. When police arrived they spoke with the homeowner who said a mysterious woman had broken in through the back door, sat down on the couch and began to pet the family dog, then washed the dishes and left.

While they were at the residence, police received a call about a strange woman who was knocking on random doors. They later went to approach her. She was identified as Cheyenne Ewing. Police state that she seemed as though she was under the influence. Ewing even  told them that she had been up for two days straight.

She was then arrested for burglary and is currently at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail on a $10,000 bond.

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