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Woman Develops Temporary Memory Loss Due To Constipation


Woman Develops Temporary Memory Loss Due To Constipation

A woman from Hong Kong lost 10 years worth of memories after suffering with constipation.

According to Oddity Mall, an online user posted his mother’s experience with temporary memory loss after dealing with constipation. He explained that his mother strained too hard on the toilet while attempting to make a bowel movement but suddenly lost her memories from the last ten years of her life. The temporary memory loss lasted for eight hours and her family took her to a local hospital.

Doctors performed a series of tests to check on the woman’s brain activity but concluded that her results were normal and could not determine what caused her temporary memory loss.

Neurosurgeon Peng Jiaxiong said that in some cases, people can experience temporary memory loss when over-straining, leading to a lack of blood flow to the brain.

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However, Jiaxiong added that straining yourself while using the bathroom can cause an increase in abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure, leading to hypoxia.

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Press play to learn about some ways to prevent constipation and let us know your thoughts on this story!

Constipation Allegedly Causes Woman to Temporarily Lose 10 Years Worth of Memories


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