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Woman Dies After A Rooster Pecks Her In The Leg


Woman Dies After A Rooster Pecks Her In The Leg

An Australian woman died after a rooster pecked her in the leg and struck a major vein while she collected chicken eggs.

CTV News reports the 76-year-old woman was farming on her property when the rooster started to peck her aggressively. The angry bird pecked the woman in her lower left leg, leading her to bleed severely and collapse on the ground. Her case was published last month in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology explaining how the simple peck became fatal.

“Death was therefore due to exsanguination from bleeding varicose veins following an attack by a rooster. This case demonstrates that even relatively small domestic animals may be able to inflict lethal injuries in individuals if there are specific vascular vulnerabilities present.”

The case added that the woman had a medical history of treated hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and varicose veins. An autopsy report from the medical examiner’s office stated the woman died after losing too much blood.

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Professor Roger Byard of the University of Adelaide says to prevent similar fatal accidents is to apply pressure to the wound when there is a significant amount of blood.

“These deaths are preventable. If a vein is punctured, apply pressure to the bleeding point, lie down, elevate the leg and get help,”

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