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Woman Discovers That Her Pet Tibetan Mastiff Was Actually A Black Bear


Woman Discovers That Her Pet Tibetan Mastiff Was Actually A Black Bear

A woman from Yunnan Province in China discovered that her beloved pet “dog” of two years was actually an Asiatic Black Bear.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Ms. Su purchased a puppy during her vacation two years ago and thought the puppy was a Tibetan Mastiff. As the “dog” began to grow, she discovered that the animal grew into a 440-pound Asiatic Black Bear. Su decided to take the bear, named Little Black, to a wildlife rescue center.

Su made the decision to take Little Black to the wildlife center because it is illegal to keep or raise wildlife animals in residential homes. She asked for help at the Kunming Zoo but the zoo refused to take in Little Black because Su failed to provide a birth certificate for the bear.

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Searching for more help, Su contacted the Kunming Forestry Police and they told her to send the bear to Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center. The wildlife center inspected Little Black’s health and reported that he had no wounds or scars all over his body plus he appeared to be in good health. Su added that Little Black lived on a diet of fruits and noodles.

‘It can eat a full box of fruits and two buckets of noodles a day,’

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The Asiatic Black Bear is an endangered species and is protected in China. Smugglers illegally trade the animal throughout Asia for its body parts.

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