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Woman Faces Felony Charge After Stomping On Sea Turtle Nest

CNN/ Miami Police Department


Woman Faces Felony Charge After Stomping On Sea Turtle Nest

A Florida woman is facing a third-class felony after she stomped on a sea turtle nest in Miami Beach.

According to CNN, Yaqun Lu,41, was seen by witnesses stomping on a sea turtle nest with her bare feet and “jabbing” the nest with a wooden stick. Police closed off the area with yellow tape and a sign that reads. “Do not disturb sea turtle nest.” Lu was arrested and charged with turtle or egg molestation and/or harassment.

Authorities reported that the eggs were not harmed during Lu’s assault. Lu is facing a felony charge since sea turtles are protected under the 1973 US Endangered Species Act and state laws.

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“The purpose of the ESAis to protect and recover imperiled species and the ecosystems upon which they depend. It is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and the Commerce Department’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). The Service has primary responsibility for terrestrial and freshwater organisms, while the responsibilities of NMFS are mainly marine wildlife such as whales and anadromons fish such as salmon.”

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During her arrest, Lu gave police a Michigan address and is being represented by a public defender. There were no details of a pending court date and her public defender did not release a statement in reference to her case.

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