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Woman Fakes Her Kidnapping And Murder To Break Up With Her Broke Boyfriend

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Woman Fakes Her Kidnapping And Murder To Break Up With Her Broke Boyfriend

A woman from China faked her own kidnapping and murder after finding out her boyfriend was poor. She used the tactic so she did not have to end the relationship.

According to Oddity Central, the 37-year-old woman from China’s Hubei Province was arrested for fabricating her own kidnapping and murder at the hands of her ex-husband in order to avoid breaking up with her recent boyfriend. Identified by her surname, Yu, was dating her boyfriend, Lin, for a while and learned he lived a poor lifestyle when she visited his home during the Chinese New Year. Yu created the plan to fake her kidnapping and death because she feared that her boyfriend would not handle ending the relationship.

Yu decided to act out on her plan after visiting Lin’s hometown on February 21st and removed herself from their apartment. Moments after, she called her boyfriend and said she was kidnapped by her ex-husband.

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She sent text messages pretending to be her ex-husband, stating that she would be killed if he called the police. After sending more threatening messages, Yu told Lin that she was killed and her body was thrown in a lake.

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Lin contacted local police and told them he was unable to cooperate with his girlfriend’s kidnapper. Police investigated Yu’s apparent kidnapping and death by checking surveillance footage. They discovered that Yu had been staying a motel three days after she staged the kidnapping. They found her in her hotel room watching TV.

Yu explained to police that she wanted to end her relationship after discovering that he was poor and realized she could not break up with him because she believed he would become too clingy. Initially, Yu wanted to pack her things and leave the apartment but realized Lin had the master key.

She was arrested and stayed in police custody for 10 days on social disruption charges.



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