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Woman Files False Report Of Sexual Assault Because She Was Mad At Her Husband


Woman Files False Report Of Sexual Assault Because She Was Mad At Her Husband

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested and charged Thursday after she lied about being sexually assaulted by a woman she met online.

According to the Daily Mail, Shian Mengini made the false report claiming that she was sexually assaulted by a woman that she met online at an Upland police station on April 20. Prosecutors reported that the young woman was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation and was interviewed by county investigators. Upland police officers were not involved in the case due to Mengini’s husband’s position at the department. Mengini stated that she brought the woman to her home and started kissing her but stopped then told the woman she was married. Afterward, she locked her in the bathroom.

‘Mengini said when she unlocked the bathroom door, the woman entered the bathroom and undressed Mengini, touching her in a sexual way, thereafter following her into the bedroom,’

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Mengini ran out of her home and made the report to police. Her husband said that Shian was receiving threatening messages from the other woman’s husband but she later confessed to detectives that she fabricated the messages. She also stated that the encounter between herself and the woman was consensual.

Mengini said during her confession that she made the confession up because she was mad at her husband and had nothing better to do.

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Stephen resigned from his position as a police officer the same day his wife made the confession.

Shian was charged with making a false police report and will appear back in court for arraignment on May 16.


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