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NYC Woman Gains $10,000 Debt In Quest For InstaFame


NYC Woman Gains $10,000 Debt In Quest For InstaFame

A woman from New York City is opening up about the $10,000 debt she acquired in her search for Instafame. 

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26-year-old Lissette Calveiro moved to NYC from Miami in 2013 for an internship and instantly felt like she was a modern-day character on “Sex and the City”. The young intern would take to Instagram to show off the new clothes she bought and brunch dates with friends. 

“I wanted to tell my story about this young millennial living in New York,” Calveiro told The Post. “I was shopping . . . for clothes to take ‘the perfect ’gram.’ ”

Despite having a glammed up page on IG, Caveiro hit rock bottom. Her internship only paid her a travel stipend, and even after getting a part-time job, she still continued to live a high-priced life. 

Even after moving back to Miami in the fall of 2013, Calveiro had already sunk $10,000 in debt trying to “do it for the gram”. 

“I was living above my means,” she said.

Even though she could have saved money while moving back with her parents in Miami, Caveiro spent the majority of her money on eating out, shopping sprees, and traveling. She did this all to promote a lofty lifestyle online. 

“I was living a lie,” she said. Despite earning a decent minimum wage salary, Caveiro says, “Debt was looming over my head.”

She explained her love for traveling just to impress her Snapchat followers.

“Snapchat had these [geo-]filters [like digital passport stamps] and I wanted to collect at least 12,” Calveiro said.

The young publicist admits that she spent majority of her time traveling for Instagram.

Although she traveled some for work, Calveiro said, “If you break it down, a lot of the travel I was doing in 2016 was strictly for Instagram.”

Caveiro eventually moved back to NYC for a new job, but she’s made a major change in her spending habits. She eventually paid off her hefty debt after getting a financial coach and using the app Digit.

“Nobody talks about [his or her] finances on Instagram,” she said. “It worries me how much I see girls care about image.”

Five years later and Caveiro looks back and regrets not investing her money sooner.

“I had a lot of opportunities to save,” she said. “I could’ve invested that money in something.”

“I find more meaning in what I’m doing. It goes back to me being more authentic. Whenever someone says they like my coat, I say, ‘Oh, can you believe I got this coat at H&M for $50?’ ”

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Check out Lisette below.

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