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Woman Gets Revenge On Her Attacker By Skinning His Genitals With Potato Peeler


Woman Gets Revenge On Her Attacker By Skinning His Genitals With Potato Peeler

A South Carolina rape victim was arrested after she stalked her rapist and peeled the skin from his genitals with a potato peeler.

According to CBS News 24, the Conway woman was raped by a 56-year-old male inside of her home earlier this year. After she refused to testify against him in court, the man was not charged for the sexual assault and prosecutors stated that they begged the victim to testify in court but she refused to allow her rapist to live a “comfortable life” in prison.

The woman began to stalk her rapist on a daily basis and finally acted on her revenge Saturday morning by breaking into his home and knocked him out then restrained him to his bed. The victim then grabbed a potato peeler and used it to peel the skin off of his penis and testicles.

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Investigators reported that the woman notified police and paramedics about the crime. She said the following to police:

“I still ended up treating him better than he treated me,”

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“He got exactly what he deserved, instead of spending a few months in jail he ended up getting hurt just like I did, and now he’ll never be able to rape anyone again.”

She was charged and arrested for assaulting her rapist.

Meanwhile, check out the video below of sexual assault victims dealing with their rape kits being tampered with.

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