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Woman Gives Birth At Home After Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

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Woman Gives Birth At Home After Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

Woman Gives Birth At Home After Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

Welp, here’s something you don’t hear everyday: a mother who didn’t know she was pregnant had an unexpected delivery after experiencing last minute symptoms.

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24-year-old Charlotte Dubard was simply going about her day when she suddenly felt random abdominal pain. Curious to know what it was, she used her phone to look down her private area and was shocked to find baby’s hair sprouting from between her legs. Charlotte then realized that a baby was coming out and she headed to the tub to give birth, alone and without the help of painkillers. Once the baby was out she found a pair of nail scissors to cut the umbilical cord, before calling her boyfriend of three years, Miguel Angel.

So how did she not know she was pregnant? Well, Charlotte said she felt completely normal up to that point. The 24-year-old had remained a size 8-10 throughout 9 months and continued having periods despite taking the contraceptive pill. She also admitted that drank, smoked and worked 14 hour days while she unknowingly carried her child. Despite that, she’s now more than happy that she has her baby boy, Elias in her life.

“It was only once we got to the hospital that I really registered what had happened. I was so traumatised from the birth I had barely registered Elias at all,” Unilad UK quotes.

“But then when we were waiting for the doctor, Miguel said ‘Look he has your nose’ and that’s when I suddenly realised he was ours.”


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