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Woman Hits Security Guard With A Fanny Pack Carrying Live Pigeon

Photo Source: WJLA


Woman Hits Security Guard With A Fanny Pack Carrying Live Pigeon

A New York woman was arrested Tuesday after she brutally attacked a security guard with a fanny pack that carried a pigeon and threatened to jab him with a knife.

The Daily Mail reports Laurie Weave,56, was at the Social Security office in Fairfax, Virginia when she struck the security guard in the head with the handbag. Weave was allegedly yelling at office employees when the guard came near her and she began to smack him with the fanny pack.

The attack went on after she was escorted out of the building and Weave threatened the guard with a knife. Police found the woman later on and nabbed her for the assault.

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When they opened Weave’s fanny pack, they noticed the small bird inside of her bag. The bird was taken to a local animal shelter and was described to be uninjured.

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The pigeon will be released to the wild after police complete their investigation. There were no further reports of a court date or where Weave was being held after she was arrested. 


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