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Woman Learns That Her Beloved Pet Dog Was Alive After She Thought He Was Euthanized


Woman Learns That Her Beloved Pet Dog Was Alive After She Thought He Was Euthanized

A New Jersey woman is surprised after learning the fate of her dog.

PIX11 reports Keri Levy discovered that her pet dog had been living with an employee from the veterinarian clinic where she took her dog to be euthanized. The dog has been living with the employee for five months after it’s “death date”.

Levy brought her 15-year-old miniature pinscher to Briarwoof Veterinary hospital due to his declining health. Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chief Ross Litra restated the events:

“She picked up the collar. And actually paid her bill and received, even, a letter from the veterinary offices stating their condolences on the loss of her pet.She received an anonymous tip from someone that told her that her dog was still alive and in the care of a vet technician that worked at the hospital”

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Dr.George Menez apparently gave the veterinary technician permission to keep the dog. However, Menez no longer works at the hospital. Police say the employee wanted to take care of the dog out of compassion without Levy’s consent. Levy alerted police on Monday and was briefly reunited with Ceaser before he was euthanized.

“The animal was suffering with a life threatening illness,”

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The hospital refunded Levy for her payment towards the procedure. Howell police and the Monmouth County SPCA are investigating the case to charge the employee with animal cruelty and theft. The investigation will also open up more answers to see if this happened previously at the hospital. The employee who took Ceaser is no longer working at the hospital.

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