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Woman Leaves $5,000 Tip On Boyfriend’s Credit Card Because She Was ‘Mad At Him’

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Woman Leaves $5,000 Tip On Boyfriend’s Credit Card Because She Was ‘Mad At Him’

A New York woman was arrested after she used her boyfriend’s credit card to tip a waitress $5,000 last month.

The New York Post reports Serina Wolfe,24, used her boyfriend’s credit card and left the huge tip to a waitress at the Clear Sky Cafe in Clearwater, Florida. Authorities reported that Wolfe was angry at her boyfriend, Michael Crane because he didn’t let her use his credit card to purchase a flight back home to Buffalo. After the disagreement, he placed a hold on the card.

When Crane took the hold off of the card, Wolfe used the card to place the large tip. She denied making the transaction but her boyfriend reported a fraudulent charge to the credit card company. This was after the restaurant already paid the waitress the hefty tip.

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Wolfe was arrested and charged with grand theft and authorities stated they were unsure if the waitress would be able to keep the $5,000. The waitress said recently she had to put her dog to sleep and was upset about the ordeal. She initially believed that Wolfe’s actions were a kind gesture due to the bill being under $60.

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