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Woman On Oxygen Dies After Electric Company Turns Her Power Off


Woman On Oxygen Dies After Electric Company Turns Her Power Off

A New Jersey woman died hours after her electric power was cut off. She relied on an oxygen tank since she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

The New York Daily News reports Linda Daniels, 68, died inside of her Newark home hours after Public Service Enterprise Group cut off her power. The electric company turned her power off around 10 a.m. on Thursday after attempting to contact Daniels and her family.

After her power was cut off, the home began to heat up quickly and Daniels had to use her backup oxygen tank. When the tank ran out, her family called an ambulance. Daniels died an hour after the EMTs left and six hours after the electricity was turned off.

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Her family stated that they were working on a plan to pay off the utility bill but was not sure as to why the electric company turned the power off. The family paid off the $300 minimum balance two months ago then a $400 balance last month. Daniels’ son, Sam, paid an additional $500 two days before his mother’s death.

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The electric company restored the power on Friday morning.

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