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Woman Quits Job To Eat McDonald’s & Chinese Takeout


Woman Quits Job To Eat McDonald’s & Chinese Takeout

Woman Quits Job To Eat McDonald’s & Chinese Takeout

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Who wouldn’t want to quit their job so that they could eat all day and film it?

Well, one British woman did just that and quit her job so that she could make Youtube videos while eating Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut and Chinese takeout.

The Mirror reports that Charna Rowley, from London films herself eating more than 5,500 calories while over 40,000 people watching. As she is eating, she will talk to her audience.

However, she decided to quit her job as an admin worker so that she could devote all of her time to her new passion.

“I have over 40k viewers, with about 5K subscribed over all platforms and they can request all sorts. One of my first videos was a Pizza Hut one, where I ate two large pizzas and two sides, meaning the calories were straight away in the thousands.”

“I’ve had requests for the UK typical takeaways, so that’s why I’ve done videos buying from McDonald’s, Greggs and Pizza Hut. I’ll make a minimum of two full length videos, lasting just under half an hour each, a week, which can cost over £100.”

She adds that she regularly goes to the gym to stay healthy and doesn’t listen to the haters who call her fat.

Charna hopes to do it full time once the brand money comes in.

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