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Woman Says She Received Death Threats From Number Neighbor

NBC News


Woman Says She Received Death Threats From Number Neighbor

A Los Angeles woman says she was threatened by her number neighbor after participating in the “Number Neighbor” challenge.

According to NBC San Diego, the woman, identified as Ashley, decided to text her number neighbor but received a series of disturbing text messages. The stranger threated to show up to her home and kill her along with sending the young woman videos of two guns being loaded. Ashley blocked the number after the stranger called her 70 times but said they continued to call from another phone number.

“A lot of people were telling me that there’s no way he can track me. But when someone’s sending you things like that and calling you non-stop, second after second after you reject it’s really scary,”

Ashley says the phone calls have stopped but thinks the social media challenge can lead up to unwanted consequences.

“I just really don’t think you should even talk to any strangers.”

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The internet challenge began on Twitter and it required the person to text a stranger who has the exact phone number but the last digit is different.

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