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Woman Shoots Her Friend In The Head On Facebook Live


Woman Shoots Her Friend In The Head On Facebook Live

A Houston woman accidentally shot her friend in the head while playing with a gun. The incident was captured on Facebook Live.

Devyn Holmes,26, was hanging out in a vehicle with two friends on Easter Sunday. The group was playing around with a gun while Cassandra Damper,25, recorded a Facebook Live video. Damper began to point the gun towards the camera.

Holmes was heard in the video telling Damper, “You’re making me nervous”. The video shows Holmes attempting to stop the woman from waving the gun around. His friend yelled in the background saying that the gun had no clip. Moments after, the gun fired off and struck Holmes.

The 26-year-old man slumped over on his side and blood began pouring out of his head. He was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital and reported to be in critical condition.

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Police arrested Damper after she tried to wipe off the gun residue on her hands. She was charged with tampering or fabricating evidence. When questioned by authorities, she told them that she had no idea the gun was loaded. The other man seen in the video was not charged.

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Holmes is currently on life support and police say more charges could be coming.

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