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Woman Suddenly Dies After A 13-Hour Flight To Dubai

ABC7 Chicago


Woman Suddenly Dies After A 13-Hour Flight To Dubai

A Chicago woman died moments after her plane landed in Dubai.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Brandi Hodges,40, was described as an energetic and overall healthy woman. Her cousin, Gloria Ray-Banks, said that Hodges frequently traveled abroad. She added that her sister tagged along with Hodges on the flight from New York to Dubai.

When the plane landed, Hodges suddenly fainted and her cousin called for a flight attendant. She was given oxygen and ice but fainted shortly after.

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Hodges and her cousin were taken into an ambulance but paramedics did not leave from the airport immediately.

“After so many minutes and they didn’t pull off, my sister looked back to see why they had not left. Brandi wasn’t back there,”

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Medics took Hodges to a separate medical room to revive her with an automatic external defibrillator but their attempts were unsuccessful. Hodges’ family stated that it will cost $6,000 to have her body shipped to the United States but the process was on hold due to the Eid al-Fitr holiday in Dubai.


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