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Woman Uses Metal Spring As Birth Control But Becomes Pregnant With Fourth Child


Woman Uses Metal Spring As Birth Control But Becomes Pregnant With Fourth Child

A mother from the Guandong province in China used a metal spring as a form of birth control but ended up being pregnant with her fourth child.

According to Yahoo! News, the unnamed 31-year-old woman from Zhongshan inserted a metal spring into her vagina with the hopes of preventing pregnancy like an intrauterine device(IUD). Six months into her “treatment”, the woman went to the Minzhong Hospital and requested an abortion after realizing it didn’t work. Dr. Fu Junhong said in a statement that the woman was five months pregnant and into her second trimester when he examined the unborn child’s health then discovered the metal spring:

“During our checks, we found rings lodged between her vagina and cervix,”

The metal spring was lodged into her vaginal tissue and the woman told Dr.Fu that she found the object on the floor of her workplace.

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“She then picked it up, gave it a wash and inserted it. She did it by herself about half a year ago. It was greatly unscientific and very unhygienic,”

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Doctors performed a surgery where the metal spring was broken into seven pieces and removed within 40 minutes. The woman miraculously did not suffer any tissue damage or infection but it was unclear if she had the abortion as well.

Press play to learn about birth control and its methods in the video below.


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