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Woman Wheelchair-Bound For Life After Getting Her Nose Pierced



Woman Wheelchair-Bound For Life After Getting Her Nose Pierced

A young woman from Brazil is wheelchair bound for life after she suffered from a bacterial infection. She received the infection after she pierced her nose.

Layane Dias said the infection occurred after she pierced her nose in July 2018. The piercing caused the area to bleed and swell but the 20-year-old stated she did not seek medical attention. Dias said she thought the infection was minor at first but then she caught a fever and started feeling pain in her legs. The pain caused her entire body to go numb, leaving her unable to walk.

After multiple tests, doctors discovered that Dias had the ‘Staphylococcus aureus’ bacteria in her bloodstream. They asked her if she had any cuts on her nose and she informed them that she recently had her nose pierced.

‘I thought it was a spot, but it caused a fever. I treated it myself, I put creams on it and a week later it disappeared.’

‘I could not feel anything from the breasts down’,

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She underwent emergency surgery due to a large amount of pus compressing three vertebrae in her spinal cord. The surgery was required or else the infection would have eventually killed her as reported by neurosurgeon Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez:

‘The pus could have caused an infection which may have been fatal. When the liquid was removed, her marrow decompressed and this prevented her condition from worsening.’

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Although the surgery was a success, Dias is wheelchair bound for the rest of her life.

 ‘I was devastated. At the start, it was a very sad situation. My life changed a lot but I felt happy when I left the hospital as I was not there anymore.’

Press play to learn more about the case in the video below. 


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