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Woman Who Kidnapped Baby And Raised Her As Own Sentenced To 18 Years


Woman Who Kidnapped Baby And Raised Her As Own Sentenced To 18 Years

Woman Who Kidnapped Baby And Raised Her As Own Sentenced To 18 Years.

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A woman who kidnapped a newborn from a Florida hospital and raised the child as her own in South Carolina has been sentenced 18 years for kidnapping. She will also serve an extra five years on a charge of custody interference.

Gloria Williams was sentenced for the kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley from a hospital in Jacksonville in July 1998. The 52-year-old testified at her trial that she wore scrubs to look like a nurse and put the child in a bag and took her out of the hospital. She added that she was in an abusive relationship at the time and suffering from depression.

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Last month in court Williams apologized to Mobley’s birth parents.

“I know I wronged you and I’m so sorry,” Williams said. “So many days … I wanted to pick that child up and say, ‘Let’s get in this car and go’ — I just couldn’t.”

Attorney Justin Bamberg released a statement on Twitter on behalf of his client, Kamiyah Mobley, the child Williams kidnapped and raised as Alexis Manigo in Colleton. The statement says that Mobley wants her privacy, but understands the sentencing and anticipated it. The statement read,

“The sentencing of Gloria Williams closes a painful chapter for all involved. Gloria was wrong, acknowledged her wrongdoing, and was punished accordingly. That is how we expect the criminal justice system to operate. This case is no different.

Today was a very difficult day for Kamiyah. We made the decision to not attend the sentencing, but we anticipated the result. Kamiyah is now processing what it means for the woman she’s known as mother to recieve an 18-year prison sentence.

However, she understands Gloria had to be held accountable for her actions. She also understands that her biological parents have the absolute right to view today as a joyous day.

We can only ask that everyone respect her privacy, give her time to take things in, and continue to pray for the wellbeing of each and every person whose life has been touched by this almost 20 year chain of events.”

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