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Woman Who Modeled Plastic Surgery After Blow Up Doll Is Suffering Complications



Woman Who Modeled Plastic Surgery After Blow Up Doll Is Suffering Complications

A Canadian woman who is obsessed with replicating a blowup doll has hit a roadblock with cosmetic surgery.

Mary Magdalene, 24, from Toronto has spent well over $100,000 on body modification surgery to be a devout “wannabe blowup doll.”

She has undergone a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, a trio of boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, “Brazilian butt lifts,” numerous lip fillers — and a “custom-designed” vagina.

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However, with all the surgeries on her lady parts, Mary has hit some roadblocks while on her quest to have “the fattest in the world.”

Due to the swelling and pain, Mary is required to undergo frequent medical consultations.

“It’s a lot better than it was [but] I have complications with the fat, so I will need to keep getting vagina injections to even it out,” she says. “I am worried about one side, because it keeps growing. I think it’s probably from the swelling.”

However, the complications don’t stop Mary who once was shy and is now more confident than ever.

“I feel horny when I look at myself,” she says reflecting on her past as a stripper at 17-years-old.

With over 144 thousand followers, Mary admits that her exotic look is no doubt a head-turner. She said that many people have gotten into car accidents and asked to marry her solely from her looks!

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With all of the cosmetic procedures, Mary looks to set size records with an undercarriage of biblical proportions.


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