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Woman Who Put Up $100,000 To Bail R. Kelly Out Of Jail, Now Wants Her Money Back

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Woman Who Put Up $100,000 To Bail R. Kelly Out Of Jail, Now Wants Her Money Back

Woman Who Put Up $100,000 To Bail R. Kelly Out Of Jail, Now Wants Her Money Back

Welp, the woman who made the bold move to drop $100,000 to bail R. Kelly out of jail earlier this year following his arrest on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse — now wants her money back, according to the Chicago Times.

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Valencia Love, 47, who met Kelly on a Lake Michigan boat cruise, told local reporters in February that she posted 10% of Kelly’s bond because he is a “good friend.” She’s now looking to be refunded since he’s being indicted on federal charges. During a court hearing today, Love’s attorney argued in a four-page motion that it made no sense for the money to sit “in deposit” if Kelly is being held without bond in the two federal cases anyway.

She claimed that she was unaware of any additional ongoing investigations” at the time she posted the bond. Despite that, the judge rejected the bid by the small business owner for the return of her money, saying she has no legal basis to ask for her bail money back at this point.

On top of that, Collins said Love also paid about $50,000 in back child support for Kelly when he was briefly locked up for that debt in March, The Chicago Tribune reports. He said she had agreed to help Kelly with the understanding that he would pay the money back while out on bond awaiting trial.

“She’s a small business owner, and now she’s out that money,” he said.

Aside from this, a motion by prosecutors to boost Kelly’s $1 million bond was also denied. As USA Today says, it was mostly a symbolic gesture since Kelly is locked up on federal charges and has been denied bond in those two cases.

Kelly, 52, is currently sitting in jail as he faces four sets of state and federal sex-crime charges against him in three states. 

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