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Woman With HIV Sues Massage Parlor For Refusing Service

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Woman With HIV Sues Massage Parlor For Refusing Service

A Florida woman is suing a massage parlor after they refused to service her due to her HIV status and asked her for an authorized note from her doctor in August.

According to Local 10, Alecia Tramel scheduled an appointment at the Massage Envy in Aventura during the summer but was refused service after an employee found out she was HIV positive. Tramel and a friend were escorted to a room by an employee where the woman asked Tramel about her status.

“She asked me, ‘Do you have any medical conditions?’ I say, ‘I’m HIV positive.’ She said, ‘Get undressed to your underwear, get on the table and cover up,’ and she leaves out of the room,”

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Ten minutes after changing out of her clothes, the employee tells Tramel she would not be serviced without a doctor’s permission.

‘We will not be able to provide you with a service because you need a doctor’s consent.’ “

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A month prior to the Aventura location, Tramel had a massage at a spa in the Fontainebleau and her medical history has never been an issue. She filed a lawsuit against the owners of Massage Envy, J&G Holdings of Aventura. State law requires that you cannot discriminate individuals when providing services.

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