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Woman’s Breast Implants Falls Out Of Open Wounds Post Surgery


Woman’s Breast Implants Falls Out Of Open Wounds Post Surgery

A woman who went to the Dominican Republic for breast implant surgery says the botched surgery caused both implants to pop and fall out of her chest on the E! show Botched

According to PEOPLE, Judy Hernandez decided to reduce the size of her breast implants two years after her surgery since she was experiencing back pain. She said she traveled to the Dominican Republic to have the surgery and called it a “terrible experience” after developing fever-like symptoms.

“I was so sick. I came back to the United States and immediately went to the hospital because I was running a fever. I started getting wounds on my incisions. It was like, white.”

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During her stay at the hospital, Hernandez said the doctors tapered up her wounds and referred her to a plastic surgeon. But she didn’t expect her implants to fall out of her chest during a pre-checkup:

“So when I went to the plastic surgeon, and I’m seeing his [physician assistant] first, and she was checking it, and she was feeling it, and then ‘pop,’ one fell out right in her hand,”

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She further explained to Dr. Nassid and Dubrow that she had a few holes in her breasts at that point and the physician assistant was shocked by what she saw. Hernandez also added while she prepped for surgery the following day, her other implant fell out while she was brushing her teeth.

Press play to watch the clip below and check out the show on Mondays at 10 p.m.

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