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Women Steal Guinea Pigs From A Pet Shop And Throws One At The Owner

Daily Mail UK


Women Steal Guinea Pigs From A Pet Shop And Throws One At The Owner

Two Kentucky women were arrested last Saturday after stealing guinea pigs from a pet shop. The owner said one of the women threw a guinea pig at him while trying to flee the scene.

According to the Daily Mail, Isabelle Mason, 21, and Jaimee Pack,19, stole several guinea pigs from a local pet shop called Pet Paradise last weekend. Owner Scott Gonyaw said after he confronted the women in a parking lot, one woman threw a four-month-old guinea pig named “Lucky” onto the street while the other ran over Gonyaw’s feet. He says the guinea pig was not injured and his companion remains missing.

‘They didn’t look typically like the kind of girls that would be carrying an over sized purse, a very new looking over-sized purse, and so I was suspicious”

Danville police arrested and charged the women with shoplifting, robbery, and animal cruelty.

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One of the suspect’s mother brought a guinea pig to the store shortly after the incident but it was unclear if the owner confirmed its identity.

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