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Wrap It Up! Only A Third Of American Men Use Condoms During Sexual Contact


Wrap It Up! Only A Third Of American Men Use Condoms During Sexual Contact

This may have you celibate for awhile.

In a recent CDC (Center of Disease Control) report, only a third of men in the United States use a condom when they have sex.

According to reports, while the use of condoms  remains low, experts say they’re encouraged by the figures showing an increase in usage among males since 2002.

On the other hand, reports have shown an increase in sexually-transmitted infections – and this report offers a possible explanation.

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The men involved in the survey reportedly gave their reasons to not using condoms, from ‘it completely falls off’ to admitting they only use condoms during part of the act.

When participants were asked about their last sexual experience, only 33.7 percent of males and 23.8 percent of females used a condom.

The CDC analyzed the responses from 20,621 women and men age 15 to 44 from 2011 to 2015 to see when the condom was used by the general public.

Only 6.5 percent said that the condom fell off, while 25.8 percent said that they used the condom for only part of the intercourse.

Author of the study, Casey E. Copen, revealed that there is still work that needs to be done in the use of condoms.

“There is still work to be done. The main thing that was found was an increase in condom use among men. This is a positive step towards reducing STI’s.”

In the meantime, check out the many options in condoms to keep you safe! 

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