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Young Man With The Last Named Weed Has Been Accused Of Smuggling Marijuana


Young Man With The Last Named Weed Has Been Accused Of Smuggling Marijuana

A 19-year-old from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has been arrested for smuggling weed. This is his third arrest this year.

News OK reports Brandon Clay Weed has been arrested along with his girlfriend, Vanessa Lila Yahola, on Tuesday afternoon. Police arrested the couple after obtaining a search warrant to enter their home on the 8700 block of NW 90.

Approximately 10 pounds of marijuana, $45,000 in cash, scales, bongs, two assault-style rifles, and three handguns were found in the home. Vanessa’s mother, Veingulay Phongsa, was also arrested with the couple. Another resident of the home, Jason Yahola, was detained at the post office. Yahola worked at the post office and was stopped by postal inspectors. The four suspects lived in the home.

The 19-year-old already had previous charges of possessing marijuana and Xanax with the intent to distribute back in March. In December, Weed was found with 328 grams of marijuana, 116 Xanax pills, baggies, and other drug paraphernalia. His court date for the December arrest is on August 25.

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