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YouTube Star Quits After YouTube Deletes Her ASMR Videos To Combat “Pedophilia”


YouTube Star Quits After YouTube Deletes Her ASMR Videos To Combat “Pedophilia”

A popular teen YouTuber who creates ASMR videos and other content is quitting the platform after her videos were removed being viewed as “sexual content” for pedophiles.

According to the Daily Dot, Makenna Kelly,13,made an announcement to her fans that she was quitting the platform due to its latest policies. Kelly’s channel,Life with MaK,currently has 1.5 million subscribers with videos that focus on ASMR which includes eating various foods and tapping and scratching random items.

She says that YouTube has deleted 12 videos within the past three months because the platform claims it could be viewed as “sexual content.”

“ I love doing ASMR and I have no issues with following the rules of YouTube, but I do have a problem with them treating me different than other minors. I think most people could name several teenagers on YouTube that do and say extremely questionable things on a regular basis, yet I’m over here feeling like a bad person for eating honeycomb.”

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The teen added that the platform never reached out when she experienced cyber bullying from a fellow YouTuber:

“They did not care one bit about a grown man calling me offensive and derogatory names and making lewd sexual comments about me on their platform”

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YouTube has been fighting to remove pedophiles off of their platform for months by removing content from underage creators.

“We’ve been working with experts to update our enforcement guidelines for reviewers to remove ASMR videos featuring minors engaged in more intimate or inappropriate acts. We are working alongside experts to make sure we are protecting young creators while also allowing ASMR content that connects creators and viewers in positive ways,” 


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