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YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Addresses Cancel Culture Through Her Halloween Costume



YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Addresses Cancel Culture Through Her Halloween Costume

YouTube creator Jaclyn Hill is addressing the cancel culture with her Halloween costume!

The cancel culture has been a major topic of conversation for the past two years with celebrities being canceled quickly from one mistake that they’ve made.

For YouTube personality Jaclyn Hill, she is familiar with being canceled this year over her makeup brand, so much so she made it into a Halloween costume.

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Hill took to Instagram the other day posting a picture of her covered in blood with a black dress that read “Jaclyn Hill Canceled” all over it!

In her caption, she said;

“Over the last several years the internet has become more & more cruel & has developed what we now call ‘cancel culture. Not one day has gone by in over 2 years where I have not seen ‘you’re canceled’ online. I wanted to create a look showing the glam side of this industry & the ugly So here is it. You want me canceled? You got it baby. And I know my ‘haters’ are going to HATE this costume. But that’s okay, I love you anyway”

If you haven’t been following Hill, she was canceled after her makeup launch left people with highly upset!

When she launched her lipstick collection, people received products that were so defective that she had to refund the majority of the purchases.

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Many canceled the YouTuber resulting in her actually removing herself off of social media for a while to escape the harsh comments.

What a way to make a statement and a comeback and of course a creative way to come up with a unique Halloween costume!

Take a look at her picture below and let us know what you think!

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