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Zara Is Adding Augmented Reality To Your Shopping Experience



Zara Is Adding Augmented Reality To Your Shopping Experience

Zara is taking their shopping experience to a whole new level as they tap into augmented reality.

Technology is constantly on an incline when it comes to everyday life, and retailer Zara has recognized that concept!

Just recently, about 120 stores in the US have adopted a new trend to help shoppers get a better view of what they are buying before they buy it!

Android and iPhone users are able to download the Zara AR app and point their phones at the windows which are currently empty.

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They can also point their phones at “in-store podiums, on boxes they receive delivering online purchases and via dedicated images at,”

Once you are in the app and have pointed it at the designated spots, two models are brought to life.


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The purpose of them being on screen is to pose in select outfits along with talking about what they are modeling. Users are able to actually purchase that specific look online or at the store instantly.

According to a release,

“the app features a tool for sharing the experience on social media, encouraging users to take and submit photos of the holograms, establishing a virtual connection that appears remarkably real.”

Take a look at how the app works below and let us know what you think!

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